Taste with Love

This is your chance to make a small but big contribution to save a child!

This campaign started in 1997, a time in which with the participation and commitment of public and private corporations have continuously helped us save more unprotected at-risk children in Colombia. This project generates some of the resources necessary for the development of our programs. 

Our purpose is to link the entities that want to join forces for the benefit of children who are in need. Participating is very easy, authorize the location of our decorative dispenser with various products, in the desired spot within your facilities. Name a Godfather or Godmother for this project, who will be in charge of ensuring the optimal development of this project.

Give us a call to our PBX 6780655, whenever your dispenser needs a refill, as it is very important to us you always have it full. Keep in mind, that locating the dispenser does not generate any cost.

It is designed with lightweight materials for easy handling. It will be arranged in your designated spot so that your employees or customers have easy access and grab a snack any time during the day! It is also equipped with a sealed piggy bank system that invites the customer to deposit the exact value of the product ($1,200.00).

Each company thus, provides the opportunity for our generous consumers to access these delicious snacks!