“SER” philosophy a path from the mind to the heart

“SER” philosophy a path from the mind to the heart

The “SER” philosophy is a path that we have walked through in “Fundacion Ninos de los Andes” where inspired and guided by Papa Jaime

have learned to act from love and give without expecting anything in return. Our directives and educators are compromised with the task of diffusing this message to give with faith, passion and love to our boys, girls, adolescents and families victims of abuse, neglect and indifference and to the many people who have lived in the darkness of the streets and sewers in Bogota.

Through the transformative strength of love, every individual who has gone through the programs during these years, have awoken consciousness and understood the importance of dreaming throughout their dreams that changed the course of life. The boys, girls, adolescents, families, streets habitants and those who have gone through the program have dreamed again without limits, without fears and they inspired themselves to dream and crystallize their dreams, spirits, social and materials, and now found love in every simple thing that they do and recovered their desire to live and fight for they thought was impossible and now is possible.

With the “SER” philosophy (master of the mind, disciple of the heart) many people identified the beliefs and paradigms that endured their fears and maintained drug use and street life, in the same way, identified the affective, ideological and material attachments, thus breaking the chains that bound them to a dark past, full of pain and suffering: making decisions based on love that allowed to break vicious circles of substance abuse, neglect and abuse by awakening consciousness and fully enjoying the here and the now.

The “SER” philosophy through teaching and the use of the loving word has achieved the strengthening of the interpersonal relationships of all those who practice it, in their personal, family work and social environment concentrating on enjoying the here and being able to manage repetitive negative thoughts, leaving behind episodes of anxiety, anger, depression and aggressiveness.

In conclusion, the “SER” philosophy is a wonderful and transformative adventure inward, a journey from mind to heart, which guides us through different stages to find the ideal balance between body, mind and spirit and enjoy inner peace, unconditional love and overflowing happiness. The “SER” philosophy teaches educators and apprentices to free ourselves from harmful beliefs and emotions, to lead ourselves, to find love in ever simple thing, to rediscover life and to be happier than we have been to this day and thus grow, transcend and leave a mark in this world.