A purpose without action is just an illusion

A purpose without action is just an illusion

It’s been more than 40 years since I met the dark world of sewers and their inhabitants.

 I still remember that cute little girl who guided me with her little candle to their living hell, full of human excrement, rats and other nauseating smells. From that moment on, my life took another turn, because despite having helped many children on the street before, this wildly inhumane problem attracted all my attention and energy.

I began to use the power of imagination and creativity to fight for a cause that was up to that moment in limbo. What impressed me the most about this entire situation was not just the pain, cold and misery of those who lived there, but the social indifference, insensitivity and rejection of all good people who could have done something but simply decided not to. I started then, despite not getting any support from even my closest friends, although some eventually decided to join the cause, trying to help every boy, girl and young person always with the same philosophy of “not giving fish but teaching to fish”. Many people told me that I was just crazy and that was a job for priests or the government. I was told not to waste my time on such a task because I would never be able to change a social problem of such big magnitude.

Despite the many criticisms I received, I continued my efforts. I wasn’t really interested if I was helping a boy, a girl or a young adult or a few, the only thing that mattered to me was that whoever I gave that hope with my support could find their own light in the dark. I specifically remember, having had no expectation of rescuing thousands of children as I always had in mind that for the whole world, I was just a stranger, for that human being to which I gave a hand to, my light, my love or just my coat, I was their whole world.

It is with moments like these, how a few years ago, when I was surprised by all the children in the Foundation with a celebration of my 50 years of life, that I perfectly understood that heaven was on earth, where in front of me hundreds of rehabilitated boys, girls, and now adults with their own families that I was able to help. My happiness grew as I saw so many generations full of happiness, hope and love sharing not only with me, but with my own children, Esteban and Alejandra and the entire staff that has always been supporting me throughout all these years. It was a dream come true.

That’s why when someone asks me how they can help; my advice will always remain the same: It starts today without looking at whoever and expecting nothing in return. You can help either a boy, girl, an elderly person, a beggar, a sick person, a disabled person or even a family member who needs support. The important thing is it to start, and not stick around in larger projects, planning or budgeting, because a purpose without action is just an illusion. And remember this forever, what your guard or treasure can easily be lost, but everything you give or do for other will never get lost, because you will always carry it with you in your heart.