Love Bonds

Give gifts cards that represent a contribution on these special dates.

These cards are made of delicate material that represent a contribution to the Foundation in name of the person who you are gifting it to.

These are ideal to gift on those special dates that we all celebrate and like to express our love: Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Births, Graduations and condolence.

  • Our “Bonos de Amor” can be the perfect gift for that special person.
  • To place your order (at any time of the year) contact our PBX 6780655 and we will gladly get your gift to that special person at the required address.
  • Starting at $70.000 COP, chose the value of the contribution you’d like to make to the Foundation to get your card.
  • You can gift as a company, or to a loved one.

Sympathy/Condolence Cards

These cards are symbolic gift in memory of the passing of a loved one, where you can leave a name, a legacy of love all in benefit of the at-risk children our organization attends.

To buy your love bonds, you can click here!

Mensaje de Condolencia