The Power to Reuse Campaign

Everything you haven’t used these past years, you can give to someone in need!

If you have too many socks in your closet, or if you keep things that you no longer use under your bed, if your office drawers are full of unused items, and if you do not have any more space in you deposit, let us give it better use. At Fundación Niños de los Andes, we re-use everything in service of our children, and families that we attend inside and outside our homes. 

We take advantage of absolutely everything:

Office paper, cardboard, office furniture, computer equipment, scrap paper, newspaper from your home, office or residential complex. 

Pack it all up, and give us a call at 6700655 and we will pick it all up at your door. We do not recycle plastic or glass, however there are other foundations that do!