In House Specialized Care

These programs take place in the locations “Nuevo Amanecer” and “St. Patrick” in Bogota and in Manizales.

Each of these homes, begin by welcoming them and taking them in as an alternative family, whether they come in as a group of siblings or alone, who enter due to violation of their rights and some even enter with the right to be adopted later on.

They remain under our care until they can be reintegrated with their families which undergo a separate psychological process with professionals.

Protección Internado Especializado

Otherwise they will be cared for, until families are willing to give them a new opportunity through an adoption process and if not, we welcome them into our “St. Patrick” home until they are 25 years old.

During their time, we offer them comprehensive care through the essential services for their development such as: housing, nutrition, health, psychosocial care, recreation and education.

Preparing for their lives in the real world, becomes a fundamental objective and is achieved through support in the projection of their life projects by visualizing their dreams during their time in our homes.