Who we are?

“Fundación Niños de los Andes” is a Colombian non-profit organization, which was conceived as a formula for the protection and rehabilitation of a growing population group of street children, in conditions of great vulnerability to the violation of their fundamental rights. Through appropriate programs and services, we offer real solutions to improve the quality of life of our children and thus achieve their physical, mental, spiritual and social development, recognizing themselves as subjects of the law with rights.

Since Papa Jaime begun his work, around sixty-five thousand boys and girls have had the opportunity of knowing the warmth of a home, overcome malnutrition, study, and protect themselves from at-risk and abuse situations that they faced every day during their childhood, and thus become happy and productive individuals for their communities.

The Foundation is supported by contributions from companies and individuals who support our work, fundraising campaigns and events that our administration promotes and donations from other organizations obtained through the presentation of projects to corporations and their foundations.


Our daily activity and resources obtained, are focused on offering comprehensive care from the areas of nutrition, health, psychosocial attention and formation for life, all based on the principles of our founders philosophy “SER”, which consists of the awakening of one’s consciousness so that they can develop talents and skills that will allow them to chart the path of their life project from the identification of their dreams.

The programs operate in five “In-House” boarding homes with a capacity of 309, installed quotas which house around 1,510 children and adolescents per year, meeting the ICBF technical guidelines. The work carried out is part of the SDGs related to the fight against poverty and reduction of inequalities, encompassing actions to restore rights from the moment they come into our program, emphasizing the visualization of their goals to guide their path in life, and to achieve their true social re-integration and improvement of their family bonds.

The management of the programs is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of professionals from the technical and administrative area with the support of trainees from different university faculties and volunteers who complement the formation of children through participatory activities.

Since 1988, the Foundation policies are in accordance with the requirements of the Colombian State, which is why the five homes in Bogota and Manizales, have their operating licenses up to date, and we have a Legal Representative granted by the ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare), according to Resolution No. 00539 of June 24, 1988, the date of its legal constitution.

To ensure transparency and accountability, the Foundation is audited by Crowe and has a Statutory Auditor appointed by the General Assembly.