Experiences that connect you to a purpose of life!

As our founder Papa Jaime says: “I have always thought that to the world we are strangers, but for that individual to which we give our support and love, we are the most important thing, we are their whole world.”

For us volunteering is a workforce that complements the work of our professionals who attend children and young adolescents in each of our homes. The whole volunteering process begins based on the requirements of the different programs and your talents and skills that we will benefit from after an adequate induction executed by our staff. We expect on your behalf the commitment to carry out specific activities, assigned and supervised by the staff of the corresponding area or program.

There are two basic forms of volunteering:

Activities with children and young people

This consists of activities of direct participation with them.

  • Street work with the Rescue Patrols
  • Support to educators and professionals in the areas of health (medicine, dentistry, nutrition) psychology, occupational therapy, and social work.
  • Academic Reinforcement
  • Training in areas of interest
  • Recreation, sports and recreation sessions
  • Seminars, talks or training workshops on different topics.

These activities are carried out at the programs and under the strict guidance and supervision of the Program coordinator. They are scheduled according to the established schedules, subject to approval of a work plan.

Activities FOR the benefit of children and young adolescents.

This consists of supporting tasks in the Administrative and Community Relations area.

  • Office tasks such as filing, database upgrade etc.
  • Design of communication pieces for social media, press and print.
  • Guidance or professional advice in the areas of Logistics, Computer Systems, Management and Operational Processes.
  • Participation in our institutional campaigns.
  • Interinstitutional contacts or connections with other organizations.
  • Creating or supporting events.

To conclude this type of volunteering refers to the technical and professional support that because of our limited NGO budget we are unable to access.

What do you need to do?

  • Fully read our webpage so you can have a solid idea of our mission.
  • Fill out the application in this section and wait for a response with more details about the existing options.
  • Periodically we schedule informative meetings at our St. Cristobal Home for those who are interested. We will invite you promptly.

International Volunteers:

No matter where you are, we are bound by a common purpose, to make the world a better place and help those who needs us. We want our children to experience multiple cultures that expand their vision of this world.

These are the following set of requirements to ensure the success of your work:

  • General knowledge of Colombia and its social issues involving our mission and children’s rights.
  • Age: between 20 and 50 years old.
  • Minimum time required: Between 1 and 3 months if its volunteering or an internship.
  • Basic level of understanding Spanish, enough to be able to communicate with the children and staff.
  • Professional or technical training completed (or completed until the end of the semester of internship) according to our institutional needs: Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Re-education, Social Work, Occupational therapy, sociology, sports, arts and crafts and any other discipline in the technical, social or humanities area.
  • Group management and any experience with working with kids.
  • University certificate if you are completing an internship or activity part of a specific course.
  • Formal application for the space that you will use with a minimum 6 month in advance notice.
  • Due to lack of resources for this area, the lodging, maintenance, and transport fees are the volunteer’s responsibility.
  • No volunteer is allowed to stay overnight in any of the homes.
  • The foundation will offer and provide any meals during the “working days” at the respective home for the volunteer.
  • A signature from the “Volunteering Committee” for the duration of the volunteering.
  • Finally, the volunteer must be responsible for their safety outside of any of our installations.

Corporate Volunteering:

Connect your company’s values with our goals and you’ll see that together we can make a difference.

You and your company can generate greater social impact by being an active part of the social problem that hundreds of children at risk face, whether it’s extreme poverty or having their basic rights violated. You’ll help them overcome the cycle of poverty and thus have a better quality of life.

We plan your participation in consonance with your company’s social responsibility philosophy. We begin by setting up a meeting to present our needs and challenges and then together decide the best activities depending the theme we chose. They can be linked to the development of a specific project or schedule a dynamic activity proposed by your company.